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What is Guayusa Tea?

Ilex Guayusa, the complete scientific name of Guayusa, is part of the Ilex tree family. Guayusa is one of three known caffeinated holly trees and is native to the Amazon Rainforest. Did you know that Guayusa tea have been consumed for more than 2000 years? Indigenous tribes from the Amazon Rainforest (especially the Kichwa Tribe) drink Guayusa as their morning ritual. The Guayusa tree is an evergreen tree which grows between 5 and 30 metres tall. In order to prepare Guayusa Tea, the leaves are brewed for up to 10 minutes. Compared to green tea, Guayusa contains only a very small amount of tannins. This is why a green tea which is brewed for 10 minutes is very bitter, but Guayusa keeps the same fresh flavour. This is only one of many advantages of Guayusa - let's get into the details of this exciting superfood!

Wait a moment, how do I pronounce Guayusa?

This is a wonderful question. It was also our first challenge - however, if you pronounce Guayusa once right, you won't forget it.
Guayusa is pronounced like "Gwhy-You-Sa". Easy, isn't it? 😊

What is special about Guayusa Tea?

Guayusa contains a natural compound with outstanding properties:

✔️ Natural Caffeine ("Energy & Focus")
✔️ Natural L-Theanine ("Feeling of Meditation")
✔️ Natural Polyphenols ("Antioxidative Effect")
✔️ and even Theobromine ("Feeling of Happiness", popular from chocolate)

Guayusa's caffeine has a different effect than caffeine from coffee or synthethic caffeine from energy drinks. Scientific studies have shown that compounds such as polyphenols, theobromine and L-theanine appear to enhance mood and cognition effects of caffeine and alleviate negative psychophysiological effects of caffeine. (e.g. Schuster et al., 2019, [10])

If you are interested to learn more about the benefits of Guayusa, please check our blog article called:

Is Guayusa organic & sustainable?

This is truly an important question to be asked. The philosophy of KAMIDO is based on Health, Functionality and Sustainability. This is why we are very careful where our ingredients come from. We source our Guayusa leaves from families that grow Guayusa in sustainable, biodiverse forest gardens, which are also called «Chakra». These chakras are self-sustaining ecosystems, which don’t require any pesticides or even fertilizers. Higher trees give important shade to the Guayusa tree. This chakra process is more complex than comparable industrial processes. However, we strongly prefer high quality ingredients instead of cheap ingredients which require pesticides and fertilizers.

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