🌳 We plant 12 trees for your order (yep, 12)

🥳 Yeah, 2 KAMIDO PACKS = Free Shipping


We love the power of nature. Guayusa combines the natural benefits from coffee and tea.


We really hate these two things: non-skippable YouTube ads and sugar. KAMIDO is sugar free.


Welcome Guayusa, your new superfood.
15x more antioxidants than coffee.


Pleasant iced tea taste which you will love every single day. Enjoy the moment with KAMIDO.

Loved by brilliant minds working at:

KAMIDO for your company

We founded KAMIDO because we wanted to create a functional beverage which is is more effective than coffee & energy drinks - but with the calm effect of tea. No racing heart. No caffeine crash.

Do you want to offer KAMIDO beverages for your employees? We are happy to send you our B2B pricing within 24 hours - please contact us at hey@kamido.com

Our B2B pricing is already starting at only 10x KAMIDO Packs (1x KAMIDO Pack = 12x KAMIDO Beverages). We support smart minds in Swiss tech startups, SME as well as international companies.

KAMIDO Energy Tea Benefits

✔️ Healthier than coffee & green tea
✔️ Long-lasting energy without crash
✔️ Better focus, creativity and productivity
✔️ We plant one tree for every single KAMIDO 
✔️ 100% vegan, zero sugar, gluten-free, lactose-free 
✔️ Organic Guayusa Tea from sustainable family farms 



We love to create a positive global impact. This is why we plant one tree for every single KAMIDO beverage. Our partner organization Eden Reforestation Projects has the goal to plant 500 million trees each year by 2025. We are happy to support our partners on this mission.

In addition, did you know that aluminium cans are a superior option compared to plastic & glass bottles? An aluminium can is infinitely recyclable. 99% of all beverage cans in Germany are recycled. Making cans from recycled aluminium requires 95% less energy. Beverages in cans require 66% less transport CO2 (lighter and more efficient to stack). This is why we don't use glass bottles.

We are working on further innovative products in order to disrupt the beverage industry.